How long is your lease?

​​​​We typically offer a 12-month lease, but depending on the time of year shorter terms may be offered or available.

What are your application requirements?

​Application Criteria: Every resident 18 years and older (including adult children) residing in the residence must complete a rental application and provide photo identification. Incomplete or falsified applications are not accepted. We may verify each applicants housing history, employment, credit scores, criminal history, and/or income (at 3x the rent).


How much is the security deposit, what's due upon applying, and are there any application fees?

​​​​​​​​​The security deposit is equal to one month's rent. $300 of this is paid at the time of application (as earnest money), along with a $7.50 per adult applicant non-refundable credit check fee. Earnest money is applied towards the total refundable security deposit upon execution of the lease agreement. 

When is rent due?

​​​​Rent and fees are due on the first of each month.

How can I pay my rent?

​King & Main is a paperless property! We ask all residents to use our secure and easy-to-use Online Resident Portal and pay rent for free using their checking or savings account. Credit card and MoneyGram® payments are also available, however, a third-party service fee will apply. We also accept eCheck and credit card (service fees apply) payments over the phone. Checks or money orders mailed to our main office in Madison are accepted, but no cash please.

Is there a late fee for overdue payments?

​​​​​A 5% late fee will apply if you pay on or after the third of the month. 

Are utilities included?

​ In some units, water is included for $45 per month per adult. ​Residents are responsible for paying other utilities through Alliant Energy and Stoughton Utilities

Are the apartments furnished? What is included?

​​​​The apartments are not furnished.

Is renter's insurance required?

​​​​​Steve Brown Apartments requires that each resident maintain a renters insurance policy, with a minimum limit of liability for bodily injury and property damage of $100,000, throughout the term of their lease. We also require that you name SBA Management Services as an “Additional Interested Party” on the policy.  

How much does renters insurance cost?

​​​​Most policies cost $15 or less per month. This small monthly bill can protect you from accidents that could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Why should I carry renters insurance?

​​​​​To protect you from a variety of accidents and losses, especially the very expensive ones we see almost every year. For example, a resident accidentally released the fire sprinkler valve in their unit and caused $40,000 in damage to their belongings, their apartment, their neighbor’s apartment, and the common areas in their building. Fortunately, this resident had renters insurance, and the damages were covered by their policy instead of out of their pocket.

What does a renters insurance policy generally cover?

​​​​Theft of property, such as stolen electronics or missing packages, damage from smoke, lightning, windstorms, or hail, vandalism to your property, water damage, liability for bodily injury to other persons, etc.

Can I wait until I've moved in to start my coverage?

Per our lease agreement, all residents without renters insurance on their move-in day will be placed on our master insurance policy for a nominal monthly fee. Please note the master policy DOES NOT cover your personal items, only damages to the building. Once we have proof of independent coverage, we’ll remove you from the master policy.

How do I get a renters insurance policy?

​​​​Simply add the policy with the company that holds your vehicle insurance, or call the insurance agent (or agency) of your choice. If you don’t have a preferred insurance provider you’re encouraged to consider ResidentInsure. All of our properties are pre-approved for coverage so you can sign up in less than five minutes. Visit residentinsure.com to get started!

Do you offer recycling?

​​​Trash and recycling centers throughout the parking lot.

Do you have cable?

​Cable and Satellite TV options are available through Charter. Please contact them directly. ​

What internet service options are available?

Internet options are available through Charter. Please contact them directly. ​​

What property amenities are included?

King & Main features private balconies and patios, garages, basements in some units, in-unit laundry, 24/7 emergency maintenance, and green space for picnics and play. 

Where can I find information about Covid precautions?

​​​​ You'll find information about how we're handling Covid-19 on the homepage of our website at stevebrownapts.com.

I need emergency maintenance. Who do I call?

During business hours please call the office at 608-258-4900. If there is an emergency maintenance situation, please contact our after-hours on-call answering service immediately at 608-283-3133. Please see list of emergency situations below:

  • A problem or a situation that has a dramatic impact on your safety, security or comfort, OR that is causing (or could cause) severe damage to the building.
  • Flooding – An amount of leaking or flowing water that is impossible to contain by conventional methods such as a bucket or a mop.
  • A broken toilet in a one bathroom unit.
  • Lack of heat in the winter – If your home has insufficient heat, this is an emergency situation.
  • Fire – Do not attempt to put out a fire yourself! Pull the fire alarm, vacate the building, call 911, and then call the emergency maintenance number.
  • No hot water – An absence of hot water in the building requires immediate attention.
  • If the entire building is experiencing a power outage, call Madison Gas & Electric, then call emergency maintenance.
  • Severe structural damage – Smashed windows, fallen ceiling, doors kicked in, etc.
  • No air conditioning (in air conditioned apartments) when the temperatures are over 90˚.
  • A broken refrigerator or stove, or a garbage disposal that’s broken and causing a clog.
  • A broken or inoperable exterior door or lock.
  • Natural gas leaks – call Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) immediately then call emergency maintenance.
  • If you feel in danger by other persons or situations involving criminal activity, call 911 or the local police department. The police are best equipped to deal with these situations, our staff is not.

I have a non-emergency maintenance issue. Who do I contact?

​​​If you have a maintenance request during our regular business hours, please call 608-258-4900 and let us know what you need to have repaired. Maintenance requests can also be made using the online resident portal:  sba.residentportal.com

Do you allow pets? What is the pet policy?

​Dogs, Cats, Fish, and Caged Birds are welcome! Dogs and cats must be neutered or spayed, and dogs must weigh less than 80 pounds (certain breed restrictions apply). Maximum of 2 pets, $35/mo. per pet. A $200 pet deposit is also required. We ask that all pets who will be living or visiting your residence be disclosed. Qualified service animals are always welcome. Exotic pets are not allowed.

What is the smoking policy?

​​​​This is a smoke-free community. 

I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact?

​​​​For general noise complaints, we encourage you to talk to the offending neighbor.If you’re dealing with a neighbor’s late-night party please call the local police department.

Can I use a grill on my patio or balcony?

​Stoughton prohibits residents from using or storing gas and charcoal grills on their balconies. Fines from the city will be passed on to our residents

What school district serves the community?

​District: Stoughton, Fox Prairie Elementary School, River Bluff Middle School, Stoughton High School